v-Lawyer Privacy Policy

Document Privacy

Secure Storage of Uploaded Documents

We take extreme precautions to ensure the security of your uploaded documents. All documents you upload to v-Lawyer are converted into vectors and securely stored in Pinecone’s vector database, a third-party service specialized in secure data storage and retrieval. To understand how Pinecone secures your data, please refer to Pinecone's Privacy Policy. Pinecone Privacy Policy

Document Analysis Using OpenAI Technology

Your uploaded documents are processed using OpenAI models to facilitate our analysis services. OpenAI follows stringent measures to secure your data during the analysis process. Please consult OpenAI’s Privacy Policy to understand how your data is handled and protected. OpenAI Privacy Policy

Third-Party Data Sharing

Your data is exclusively shared with Pinecone and OpenAI for the purposes of secure storage and document analysis. No additional external entities have access to your uploaded documents.

Sensitive Information

If your documents contain sensitive or confidential information, we recommend that you redact or anonymize such details before uploading. While we implement robust security measures, extra caution from your side adds an additional layer of security.

Deletion of Uploaded Documents

We offer a simple and transparent process for permanent deletion of your uploaded documents. Please follow these steps to remove any uploaded files from our system. v-Lawyer Data Deletion

Account Policy

Optional Account Creation

Creating a v-Lawyer account is optional and can be done using an email and password. An account is useful for saving in-app data such as settings and usage statistics.

Collection and Use of Additional Personal Information

For a more tailored service, you may optionally provide additional personal information like your country, city, state, full name, and profile picture. This data is securely stored in a third-party database and is primarily collected for fraud prevention and service enhancement.

Permanent Deletion of Account

To permanently delete your account, and consequently all the information associated with it, follow these steps. v-Lawyer Data Deletion

Legal Assistant Service Policy

Scope of Services

v-Lawyer aims to provide an extensive platform for understanding and navigating legal matters to the best of our abilities.


Please note that v-Lawyer is not a replacement for professional legal consultation. Legal circumstances can vary extensively, and our services should not be your only source for legal advice.

Recommendation to Consult a Lawyer

Considering the aforementioned limitations, we strongly advise you to consult a qualified attorney for legal advice that’s tailored to your specific needs.

Disclaimer of Liability

v-Lawyer, Bulpara Ltd., and its affiliated entities are not liable for any damages arising from the reliance on the services or advice provided. By using v-Lawyer’s services, you agree to indemnify us from any claims arising out of your use and to adhere to the terms and conditions detailed in this policy.